Cybersecurity 2022


Cybersecurity - 2022 Roadmap?

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last two months. How do I get into Cybersecurity? It’s a maze of opinions and ideas and I have listened to multiple podcasts, watched countless YouTube videos with some great people giving advice that I have learned from. But … and I don’t mean it as a but that negates what I wrote earlier … but I have to ask myself, what am I passionate about, what’s my vision of the future, what am I naturally good at? Having spent 17 years as a systems engineer is a blessing since it gives me a helpful foundation to answer some of those questions.

The roadmap for 2022

So this is what I have come up with so far. Open to critique and ideas. :)

  1. Cisco CCNA - March.
  2. Red Hat RHCSA - May.
  3. Cisco CBROPS - June.
  4. eLearn eJPT - August.
  5. Python PCEP - October.
  6. ISC2 - SSCP - November.
  7. Python PCAP - December.

Here is my thought process. I want a solid understanding of networking and Linux. Once I have achieved that I want to earn a few entry-level security certifications and become at least so-so good with Python.

If my new career in IT starts as network engineer with a focus on security, that would be awesome. In the networking world, Python really has become the go-to language for automation and it’s something that will be a good asset in Cybersecurity.

2022 roadmap

Will this get me into Cybersecurity?

I’m under no illusion that a few certificates will enable me to get a job in Cybersecurity. Is that too negative? Maybe I will, I don’t know. At least it will open doors that were previously closed and get me past the HR gatekeepers. :) Besides passing these inital exams (I already have a roadmap for 2023), I’m hoping for a job as either a network administrator or a Linux administrator and that my future workplace knows about my aspiration of working in Cybersecurity and supports my future vision. Let me know your thoughts, am I aiming too low or too high with my first job back? I think it’s a good goal and achievable. The first job back will likely be a temporary one as I develop my skills in the field.

Hack The Box and Try Hack Me

The advice that I have gotten and I’m trying my best to follow because I know it’s true based on on my past experience. Hands-on experience is the best! Certificates validate some of that experience but being active in the community and participating in capture the flag challenges is important.

If you are thinking about Cybersecurity as a career I recommend joining Hack The Box, and Try Hack Me. I would also check out Antisyphon InfoSec Pay What You Can Training. Great community of cool people. If you are looking at Capture The Flag events and you are new, check out picoCTF. :)

In no special order. :)

The Cyber Mentor - YouTube

Black Hills Information Security - YouTube

Cyber Insecurity - YouTube

David Bombal - YouTube

Gerald Auger - Simply Cyber - YouTube

There are multiple others of course that are awesome but if you are starting out, these channels will give you enough information to launch you towards your new goals. :)

Please connect with me on LinkedIn, always looking for like-minded people to inspire me and hopefully, I can inspire you.